Scrabble Mode

Builds words from the given letters ("scrabble" - "laser", "barbel"), unscrambles words.

Minimum Length:
 Word list: (about word lists)
acorn any
arc arco
can car
carn carny
cay con
cony cor
corn corny
cory coy
crayon crony
cry cyan
cyano narc
narco nary
nay nor
oar oca
ora orc
orca racon
racy ran
ray rayon
roan roc
rya yar
yarn yon
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Xworder provides word search tools designed to help you solve and compose crosswords and other word puzzles, learn new words and have fun!

Xworder features:

Find words if you know some of the letters that it contains ("w??d" - "word", "wood").

Find words that can be built from the given set of letters ("scrabble" - "laser", "barbel").

Find words and word combinations by rearranging all letters from the given set ("anagram" - "a rag man").

A fun game of building word chains by changing one letter at a time ("break - bread - tread - trend").

Switching between the Full and Limited word lists makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

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